How Do You Tech in Smash : Mastering the Art

How Do You Tech in Smash

To tech in Smash, quickly input a shield during a hit or after being launched. This allows you to recover faster.

Want to level up your game in Super Smash Bros. ? Mastering teching can be a game-changer. Teching is a defensive technique that enables you to quickly recover after being hit or launched by your opponent. By inputting a shield button at the precise moment of impact or shortly after, you can execute a tech and reduce the vulnerability of your character.

This technique requires split-second timing and can be the difference between losing a stock or surviving to fight another round. We’ll explore the mechanics of teching, provide tips for executing it successfully, and discuss advanced strategies to enhance your gameplay. So let’s dive in and level up your tech game in Smash!

How Do You Tech in Smash  : Mastering the Art


The Basics Of Teching

When playing Super Smash Bros, learning how to tech can greatly improve your gameplay. Teching is the act of quickly recovering after being hit against a surface, such as a wall or the ground. Timing is crucial when it comes to teching. In order to successfully tech, you need to press the shield button just before hitting the surface. It is important to remember that teching is a defensive option, so it should be used strategically. For example, if your opponent is trying to catch you off guard with a powerful attack, teching can help you minimize the damage and quickly counterattack. Practice different scenarios and learn when to tech to gain an advantage over your opponents in Super Smash Bros.

Advanced Teching Techniques

How Do You Tech in Smash

Buffered teching is an essential technique to master in Smash. It allows players to quickly recover from being hit by an opponent’s attack. By inputting a shield just before hitting the ground (either through an air dodge or a shield button press), the player can perform a buffered tech and reduce their vulnerability. This is particularly useful against moves with multiple hits or high knockback. Remember to time your shield input carefully to avoid buffering a regular tech, as it might leave you exposed to further attacks.

Tech rolling is another crucial teching technique. It enables players to roll horizontally or vertically to escape knockdown situations. You can perform a tech roll by inputting the shield button right before hitting the ground. This will allow you to quickly reposition yourself and gain an advantage over your opponent. It’s important to note that tech rolling can be predictable if overused, so mix up your options by occasionally opting for other teching techniques.

Directional techs are advanced teching options that provide additional control over your character’s recovery. By inputting a direction on the control stick alongside a shield input, you can perform a directional tech. This allows you to influence the direction you move after being hit. Mastering directional techs can help you recover more safely and even counterattack your opponent by positioning yourself advantageously. Practice different directional inputs to maximize your options during intense Smash battles.

Teching Options Against Different Attacks

When it comes to teching against spikes, meteor smashes, and multi-hits in Super Smash Bros., players have various options to avoid being knocked out of the stage. For spikes, players can employ teching to quickly recover from the attack by pressing the shield button just before making contact with the stage. This allows the player to perform a tech roll and regain control faster. Against meteor smashes, players can perform a similar tech by pressing the shield button immediately after being hit to prevent being sent downwards. Finally, teching against multi-hits requires precise timing as players can tech each individual hit of the attack to minimize damage taken and potentially counterattack.

How Do You Tech in Smash  : Mastering the Art


Mind Games And Mix-ups

Delaying the tech in Smash is a crucial tactic for throwing off your opponent’s timing. By mixing up the timing of your tech, you can make it more difficult for your opponent to punish you. Missing a tech can lead to significant damage or even a stock loss, so practicing consistent teching is essential for high-level play. Additionally, employing fake techs can trick your opponent into committing to a punish, only for you to recover quickly and counter-attack. Knowing when to delay your tech and when to use a fake tech can give you a significant advantage in mind games and mix-ups during a match.

Practicing Teching

How Do You Tech in Smash

Practicing Teching: Teching is an essential skill in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Practice wall teching and platform teching in Training Mode Drills. Incorporate teching into your gameplay during Online Matches. Analyze your replays to identify missed tech opportunities and improve your teching skills.

How Do You Tech in Smash  : Mastering the Art


Frequently Asked Questions Of How Do You Tech In Smash

What Does It Mean To Tech In Smash?

Teching in Smash refers to performing a tech move after getting hit, which allows you to quickly recover and regain control. It helps prevent being vulnerable to follow-up attacks and enables you to counter opponents. It’s an essential skill to master for competitive play.

How Do You Practice Tech In Smash?

To practice tech in Smash, focus on mastering specific techniques, like wavedashing, short hops, and tech rolls. Practice these consistently in training mode and against opponents to enhance your gameplay skills. Additionally, study tutorial videos, join online communities, and participate in tournaments to continuously improve your tech prowess.

What Button Is It To Tech In Smash Ultimate?

To tech in Smash Ultimate, press the shield button just before hitting a surface.

How Do You Tech In Place In Smash Ultimate?

To tech in place in Smash Ultimate, quickly press the shield button right before you hit the ground after being knocked up. This will help you recover faster and get back into the fight!


Mastering tech skills in Smash requires practice, dedication, and a deep understanding of the game mechanics. By learning advanced techniques like wave-dashing, ledge-canceling, and tech rolls, players can gain an edge over their opponents. With continuous practice and experimentation, even beginners can level up their gameplay and become formidable competitors.

So, don’t be afraid to dive into the world of tech in Smash and start implementing these strategies to improve your skills. Happy smashing!

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