Does Planet Fitness Have Scales? Unveiling the truth for fitness enthusiasts

Yes, Planet Fitness has scales available for use by its members.

Essentials Of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is well-known for its judgment-free zone philosophy, providing a comfortable environment for individuals of all fitness levels. This gym offers a variety of facilities and equipment to meet the needs of its members.

Overview Of Gym Facilities And Equipment

Planet Fitness boasts a wide range of facilities, including cardio machines, weightlifting equipment, and strength training areas. Members can also take advantage of the spacious workout spaces and functional training zones available.

Membership Perks And Benefits

With a Planet Fitness membership, individuals gain access to numerous perks and benefits. These include unlimited access to all club locations, free fitness training, and the ability to bring a guest for free. Additionally, the gym offers a range of exclusive deals and discounts for members.

Core Values And Judgment-free Zone Philosophy

One of the main highlights of Planet Fitness is its commitment to creating a judgment-free zone. This encourages a positive and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. The gym’s core values focus on inclusivity, respect, and creating a welcoming environment for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales? Unveiling the truth for fitness enthusiasts


The Scale Dilemma At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, known for its judgment-free environment, has intentionally chosen not to include scales in its facilities. This decision aligns with the gym’s ethos of promoting body positivity and focusing on overall health rather than numbers on a scale. By eliminating scales, Planet Fitness aims to create an environment free from weight-related judgments and pressures.

While some may argue that scales are a necessary tool for monitoring progress, Planet Fitness believes in encouraging physical and mental well-being without fixating on weight. Their focus is on fostering a supportive community where members can feel comfortable and confident while pursuing their fitness goals.

This absence of scales doesn’t mean that Planet Fitness doesn’t track progress. Instead, they offer a range of other metrics and tools to help their members measure their progress, such as body measurements, progress photos, and fitness assessments. These alternatives provide a more holistic approach to tracking progress and creating a positive gym experience for all.

Alternatives To Weighing At The Gym

Weight measurement is not the only way to track fitness progress. Non-scale victories play a significant role in evaluating your overall health and well-being. Focusing solely on weight can be misleading as it doesn’t consider other factors such as muscle gain and body composition. By observing and celebrating non-scale victories, you can foster a positive mindset and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

There are various other ways to measure fitness progress that are more holistic and accurate. These include assessing body measurements, taking progress photos, tracking physical performance, monitoring energy levels, and examining how clothes fit. These methods provide a comprehensive picture of your progress, taking into account changes in body shape, strength, endurance, and overall well-being.

To assist in tracking health data, there are several equipment and tools available. These include wearable fitness trackers, body fat analyzers, heart rate monitors, and apps that help monitor nutrition, sleep patterns, and exercise routines. Utilizing these resources can provide valuable insights into your health and fitness progress.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Planet Fitness Have Scales

Can You Wear A Bra To Planet Fitness?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to wear a bra to Planet Fitness.

Do Gyms Have Scales In Them?

Yes, most gyms have scales available for members to use.

Is There No Free Weights At Planet Fitness?

No, Planet Fitness does not have free weights.

Can You Measure Body Fat At Planet Fitness?

No, Planet Fitness does not offer body fat measurements as part of their services.


To summarize, Planet Fitness does provide scales for their members to track their weight progress conveniently. Whether you are embarking on a fitness journey or just maintaining your weight, the availability of scales in Planet Fitness allows you to monitor your body’s changes.

By regularly checking your weight, you can stay motivated and adjust your workout and diet accordingly. So, next time you visit a Planet Fitness location, make use of their scales to stay on track with your fitness goals.


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