Bed And Breakfast in Charleston SC: Discover Charming Accommodations


Experience the charm of Charleston with a stay at a bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC. From historic homes to waterfront properties, these cozy accommodations offer a unique way to soak in the city’s rich history and Southern hospitality.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing retreat, these B&Bs provide a personalized and intimate experience, complete with delicious homemade breakfasts and friendly hosts. Discover the warmth and character of Charleston’s bed and breakfasts, where you can unwind in comfort and immerse yourself in the city’s timeless elegance.

With their convenient locations and unique charm, these accommodations offer the perfect base for exploring all that Charleston has to offer.

Historic District Accommodations

When it comes to visiting Charleston, SC, staying in the historic district can enhance the overall experience of the trip. The historic district accommodations offer a unique blend of charm, character, and proximity to the city’s famous landmarks.

The Indigo Inn

Nestled in the heart of the historic district, The Indigo Inn is a charming bed and breakfast that provides a timeless and elegant escape. This boutique inn features 18th-century architecture and luxurious accommodations, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich history. Guests can savor a delicious complimentary breakfast each morning and unwind in the beautifully landscaped courtyard. The Indigo Inn’s proximity to renowned attractions like the Charleston City Market and Waterfront Park makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an authentic Charleston stay.

Palmer’s Pinckney Inn

Located in a beautifully restored historic home, Palmer’s Pinckney Inn provides a tranquil retreat in the heart of Charleston. The inn’s intimate ambiance and personalized service create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Each room is tastefully decorated, showcasing modern comforts while preserving the building’s historic charm. Palmer’s Pinckney Inn offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the city’s heritage, with easy access to the vibrant dining and shopping scene of the historic district.

Bed And Breakfast in Charleston SC: Discover Charming Accommodations


Waterfront Stays



Charleston, SC, offers a charm that is undeniably enhanced by the waterfront. For an unforgettable and tranquil stay in this historic city, consider indulging in the old-world charm coupled with modern luxury that waterfront bed and breakfasts offer. Whether it’s the gentle lull of the tides or the stunning views of the harbor, these waterfront stays promise an experience like no other.

Anchorage Inn

Escape to the Anchorage Inn, a beautifully restored antebellum-era building that offers a picturesque waterfront setting. With its elegant rooms and breathtaking views of the harbor, this bed and breakfast exudes a serene ambiance. The blend of historic architecture and contemporary amenities ensures a comfortable and elegant stay.

The Regatta Inn

Experience the epitome of Southern hospitality at The Regatta Inn, where luxury and relaxation converge. Nestled in a delightful waterfront setting, this bed and breakfast boasts of cozy rooms with stunning views of the marina. Whether it’s the breathtaking sunsets or the gentle sound of the waves, this charming inn promises a memorable and tranquil stay.

Unique Features

What sets a bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC apart from other accommodation options are its unique features that reflect the charm and history of the city. From Southern hospitality to breathtaking antebellum architecture, these distinctive elements promise a memorable experience for every guest.

Southern Hospitality

Charleston is renowned for its warm and sincere Southern hospitality, and bed and breakfasts in the area embody this characteristic. Guests are greeted with a genuine, welcoming demeanor that goes beyond the expected level of service. Whether it’s a friendly conversation with the innkeeper or personalized recommendations for exploring the city, visitors can expect unparalleled warmth and attentiveness throughout their stay.

Antebellum Architecture

The antebellum architecture of Charleston adds a touch of timeless elegance to the bed and breakfast experience. Many of these properties are housed in meticulously preserved historic buildings, showcasing the grandeur and splendor of a bygone era. Staying in a bed and breakfast allows guests to immerse themselves in the rich history of Charleston, as they are surrounded by the stunning architecture that captures the essence of the city’s past.

Local Dining Experience



When staying at a bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC, the local dining experience is a highlight for many travelers. From traditional Lowcountry breakfasts to nearby restaurants and cafes, the culinary options in Charleston are not to be missed. Whether you prefer starting your day with classic Southern flavors or exploring the diverse culinary scene, there are plenty of dining options to indulge in during your stay.


Traditional Lowcountry Breakfasts

One of the most cherished aspects of staying at a bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC is the opportunity to savor traditional Lowcountry breakfasts. These morning meals often feature a delicious array of regional fare, including shrimp and grits, buttermilk biscuits, and Southern-style omelets. Guests can immerse themselves in the local food culture and enjoy the comforting flavors that have been beloved for generations.


Nearby Restaurants And Cafes

For those looking to explore beyond the confines of the bed and breakfast, Charleston offers an impressive array of nearby restaurants and cafes that cater to diverse palates. Whether you’re craving freshly caught seafood, international cuisine, or farm-to-table dining, the city has it all. From acclaimed fine dining establishments to cozy neighborhood eateries, there’s no shortage of options to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Exclusive Amenities

When it comes to indulging in a luxurious and unforgettable stay, the exclusive amenities at our bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC are designed to elevate your experience. From private balconies to delightful wine and cheese receptions, our exclusive offerings go above and beyond to ensure a truly exceptional stay for our guests.

Private Balconies Or Courtyards

Revel in the charming ambiance of Charleston right from the comfort of your own private balcony or courtyard. Each of our elegantly appointed rooms offers a private outdoor space where you can soak in the beauty of the historic city, sip a cup of tea, or simply savor a quiet moment of relaxation. Whether you prefer the romantic feel of a balcony or the secluded tranquility of a courtyard, our exclusive private outdoor areas provide a serene escape from the bustling city.

Complimentary Wine And Cheese Receptions

As the sun begins to set over Charleston, guests are invited to partake in our delightful complimentary wine and cheese receptions. Each evening, indulge in a carefully curated selection of seasonal wines and artisanal cheeses, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and socializing. This special offering brings together fellow travelers and creates memorable opportunities to unwind and connect with friends, old and new. The evenings are alive with the spirit of conviviality and camaraderie, as guests come together to share stories, laughter, and the enchanting taste of fine wines and delectable cheeses.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bed And Breakfast In Charleston Sc

What Are The Popular Attractions Near Bed And Breakfast In Charleston, Sc?

Charleston, SC offers an array of attractions near bed and breakfasts, including the historic downtown area, the stunning waterfront, and the vibrant restaurant scene. You can also explore the picturesque plantations and gardens, as well as the renowned art and cultural museums.

Are Bed And Breakfasts In Charleston, Sc Pet-friendly?

Many bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC welcome pets, offering a charming and pet-friendly atmosphere to both travelers and their furry companions. While some may have specific restrictions or additional fees, you can find several delightful options that cater to your pet’s needs.

What Amenities Can I Expect At A Typical Bed And Breakfast In Charleston, Sc?

Most bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC provide a charming and cozy ambiance, along with various amenities such as elegant rooms, delicious homemade breakfast, personalized service, and inviting common areas that offer a relaxing retreat for guests looking for a unique and intimate lodging experience.


Charleston, SC’s bed and breakfasts offer an intimate and authentic experience. With historic charm and modern amenities, visitors can enjoy Southern hospitality at its best. Whether it’s the delicious breakfasts or the personalized service, a stay in a Charleston B&B is a unique way to experience the city’s rich culture and lifestyle.



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